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Have historical buildings and structures always peaked your interests? We believe you are in the right place. This is a historic preservation blog that will be dedicated to everything that is precious and ancient to the history of the human race. Thankfully these historical monuments have always had a huge importance in our community and so most of them are preserved and used as a lens to observe the past. We are talking world wonders, such as Egypt’s pyramids, Taj Mahal, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Temple of Artemis and our personal favorite the Stonehenge wonder of the world and much more unexplained ancient structures.

Preservation Measures

Historical monuments are preserved by two types of measures:

Some land or constructions of particular interest may be protected by the state to prevent their degradation or disappearance. There are two procedures: the classification and registration of historical monuments:

The Classification

“Buildings whose conservation has a public interest from the point of view of history or art may be classified as historical monuments in whole or in part by the administration. “

The Registration

“The inscription under historic monuments refers to buildings that, without justifying a classification, have an interest in history or art sufficient to make it desirable to preserve”. It’s just like a digital registration, like for example the one you would need to do at a gaming site in order to play the best table games and enjoy an experience tailored specifically under your name.

Historic Monuments

A historical monument is a building or some kind of furniture that receives a unique status to be protected, because of its historical, artistic, architectural, cultural but also technical or scientific interest is the main topic we will be going over at our historic preservation blog.

The status of a “historic monument” is a recognition by the Nation of the heritage value of a property. This protection implies a shared responsibility between the owners and the national community in terms of its conservation and transmission to future generations.

From the revolutionary era, the Council of Civil Buildings and from 1837 the Commission of Historic Monuments expressed opinions and guidance on the interventions to be carried out on national palaces, monuments of the state or those “classified” by the Committee of Historical Monuments. Today, the protection under historical monuments, including for the most part, the provisions of the famous law of 31 December 1913 on historical monuments, constitutes an easement under public law.

As of February 2015 there are 43,600 buildings being protected for historical monuments in France(14,100 classified and 29,500 registered),as well as about 300,000 objects of furniture (more than 135,000 classified and around 150,000 registered) and more than 1,400 organs. One third of historical monuments are domestic architecture, 29.6% are religious buildings, and almost half (49.4%) are religious buildings. private property.

World Full of History

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